Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cool images

How narrative and reflective images can be? Well, you'll have to look at the following images. Today I came across these images which spread like virus across Chinese online forums. The images easily caught my attention at the first glance as the stories presented in the images seem so familiar to an ordinary Chinese. At first I thought they were the underground works of some Chinese photographer, but they turned out to be the photo shooting for a newly published Chinese magazine called 'ozine'. The title of the series of images is 五星招待所 (or RedStar Motel) which covers topics of sex, murder, fake certificate, prostitution, drugs, kidnapping, etc., all in the setting of a small motel room. How creative that is! But, wait a moment. Some Chinese netizens have pointed out that the photographer copied the ideas of Lyndon Wade's work of Room 107. It seems to be true. But, these images are really cool anyway. What do you think?

Migrant workers
Murder Scene
S & M
Having fun?
What's going on next door?
Give me the ransom!
Want to buy a fake certificate?
Before or after deal???
Party time
Killing yourself softly
Porn film shooting


chicanohek said...

uh. Is that the same room in every picture?


Hang said...

I think it's the same room in every picture.

MissXu said...

Wow! these are TOTALLY cool! Discovering your blog after you'd commented on mine. Thanks! This is a real treat :) MissXu

Hang said...

Thanks MissXu,I think the combination of the topics, the colors and the settings employed makes cool photos.

FOARP said...

Funny stuff