Friday, May 8, 2009

I've got itchy feet!

I've been a loyal reader of Jonna's blog recently. I really enjoy her writing which is of great fun. Today, her post is about her plan of traveling in Yunnan, which prompts me to bring back the pleasant memory of my trip in Yunnan last September. I did solo traveling and made many friends during the trip. I've got itchy feet again, but I know I cannot take another trip now. That's why I'm sitting here listening to the beautiful song 《彩云之南》(The South of Colorful Clouds, which refers to Yunnan) by singer Xu Qianya (徐千雅). I really like her music about Yunnan and Tibet.

Being an adventurous guy, I 'illegally' went fishing on a fisherman's boat in Dali and solo trekked the Tiger Leaping Gorge. I also traveled to Shangri-La and made many friends with fellow backpackers in Lijiang. These are some photos I took on my trip. Man, I love traveling!

The countryside near the old town of Dali

Buskers & their dogs in Shuhe old town

A singer from Guangzhou in a pub in Shuhe

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Trekking Tiger Leaping Gorge
Backpackers at a guest house in Lijiang
Girls I met at a guest house in Lijiang


Ramesh said...

Nice photos Hang. I haven't been to Yunnan, but I understand its a very beatuiful place. I recently saw the movie luò yè guī gēn, which was filmed mostly in Yunnan -breathtaking scenery.

Of course, your photo of the girls was the best !

Hang said...

I know that movie but I haven't watched it yet. Yunnan is a beautiful land with so many places to visit. You should visit someday!

Shopgirls Shanghai said...

agree, her blog describes the feelings of being in China perfect :-)

Preeti Shenoy said...

Here from Ramesh's blog.
I love travelling too. Nice pictures you got there.(They are the best rewards, ater the experience itself!)
Thank you for sharing.

Hang said...

Shopgirl, I also frequent your blog to see pretty girls. Hei, hei.

Preeti Shenoy, thanks for your nice comment. Traveling is addictive. I've got addicted to it since my solo trip to Tibet several years ago.

Jonna Wibelius said...

Thanks for those nice comments! After seeing some pics of your recent trip to Yunnan I want to go even more!!! Looks absolutely lovely over there, especially that blue sky... as for itchy feet, I am the same. Constantly itching. Constantly keen to go somewhere new... If only my wallet felt the same way... oh well. I guess looking forward to the trip adds to the experience (even though I am having problems seeing that now).

Where are you planning to go next?!

Hang said...

Jonna - Thanks for stopping by. I like the blue sky there. But the bluest sky I've ever seen was in Tibet. I am not sure where I want to go next, maybe Guilin of Guangxi province or Vietnam.