Friday, August 28, 2009


I haven’t blogged a lot recently. I’ve been busy and lazy. When I return home after a busy day, I just don’t feel like doing anything that may require the use of brain. Ok, this is just an excuse. The fact is I am a bit lazy. Despite my laziness, there are still a lot of things happened in the past a few weeks that I would like to blog about. I’ve been to meetings with people from Dangdang and Joyo (Amazon China) respectively. Being a fan of internet-based business, I’m always interested in the competition between the two B2C online retailers in China. I’m happy to have the chance to have a glimpse of how they carry their business differently and what they are planning to do in the future. I may write a post on this topic sometime in the future. Another topic I may blog about is NAME. Yes, I mean a person’s name. My Chinese name is Hang Something. It’s my real name in Chinese pinyin. ‘Something’ is my family name. As you can see, my Chinese name ‘Hang’ is quite pronounceable. I DON’T have an English name. ‘Hang’ is my Chinese name and English name in one. However, people in the office tend to give me an English name ‘Jack’. Do I need any English name? No! But, if I do, it’s Hang!

By the way, where is Jack? Jack died when Titanic hit the iceberg. Hang hangs on and is still alive and kicking! :)


Ramesh said...

Ha Ha. Welcome back Hang. We miss your blogging - your with and insight. Do blog about Joyo and Dangdang - even though I can't read Chinese I have browsed these sites and tried to search for English books.

Completely agree with you on names. Why should anybody take on an artificial English name. Chinese names are actually easy to pronounce and are very nice. As yours is. You'll only have a problem if your names are like Ramasubramaniam Parthasarathy like it happens in India !!

Hang said...

Thanks Ramesh. Your comment is always encouraging! I will write about Joyo and Dangdang sometime in the future.

And, WOW. That name in your comment is really hard to pronounce! I hope the person with that name doesn't get annoyed if I mis-pronounce his name during a conversation.