Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who's the leading figure of Chinese pop music?

Jay Zhou? Jolin? Oh, no, no ... Please don't underestimate our taste. It's this guy!

Xu Wei (许巍) is the singer and songwriter who sings quietly with his guitar. Unlike any other blatantly marketed Chinese singers, he keeps a relatively low profile. He has rarely (never?) been seen singing on stage with dancers behind him. He sings alone and quietly. His style is unique and simple, but his music has won him many young Chinese fans across China. He is called the leading figure of Chinese pop music (乐坛领军人物) by many Chinese media. I read the news that he's going to have a concert in Shanghai this May. My warning to those who are interested: His concert is always a sell-out. Get a ticket, the sooner the better.
Xu WeiXu Wei and Pu Shu at Xu Wei's Concert in April 2009
Photos from sina.com

I got to know him when I was waiting for my train in Shanghai Railway Station in late 2004. His MTV song 《曾经的你》was played on the big screen in the noisy waiting lounge of the railway station. The song caught my attention with his cool music, his unique voice and poetry-like lyrics. Since then I began to follow his music. I think his music touches the heart of young people. If you are young and you've ever felt lost/bewildered in life or you've been trying to solve the reality-vs.-dream puzzle, then you will see what I mean. If you are backpacking, you may talk to young Chinese backpackers about Xu Wei. I am sure they will tell you they love his music. In Lijiang of Yunnan province, I came across a guest house named after his song 《蓝莲花》(Blue Lotus). A young Chinese backpacker manages the guest house which is well known among many Lijiang-bound young Chinese backpackers. Here are some Xu Wei's songs from external links.
蓝莲花》(Blue Lotus)
完美生活》(Perfect Life)


chicanohek said...

cool recommendation! I am sick of the pop nonsense on the radio and have actively been looking for more low key or underground music in China. Keep posting!


Hang said...

Thanks hek. There are some low-key Chinese singers who tend to shun too much publicity, which I think is not easy today. Xu Wei and Pu Shu (朴树) are two excellent low key singers.

Philippe said...

very interesting indeed... listening right now. great blog!


Hang said...

Philippe - I hope you enjoy the music. Thanks for the link.

veronica said...

Thanks very much, its very nice article, this was the one I am looking for. Thanks again Thanks. Great entry. Really appreciate the ideas.