Thursday, June 25, 2009


2009 Declaration of the Anonymous Netizens
Finally, Google is blocked, which means I cannot use Gmail and Google Docs. I am really frustrated, because my primary email is with Gmail. Besides, I need to use Gmail/Docs to update my blog. The harsh and irrational decision to block Google has infuriated millions of netizens in China. I had a peek at some Chinese online forums and vented my anger there. The blockage has been on for a while and nobody knows how long it will last. The government has made a very stupid decision. I don't see how they can justify the decision and I don't see what they are going to achieve. One thing is for sure, netizens are unhappy. Here comes the widespread 2009 Declaration of the Anonymous (Chinese version (also see the photos)/English version). I feel much better after reading it. My words are saved.

How productive is the GFW?


Ramesh said...

Wow Hang ! I repeat my response to your comment on my blog. I salute you and fellow netizens in China. Hats off to you.

Preeti Shenoy said...

Here from Ramesh's.
My primary email is gmail too and I really feel your anger and frustration.
I read the English version of 'Declaration of the annonymous' and felt like applauding.
Especially the line "The sun of tomorrow does not shine on those who are fearing tomorrow itself."
I salute your spirit, your fight and I really hope this blockage gets lifted soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hang .. Came over here from Ramesh's blog. I do hope the Netizens have their way soon. The Declaration of the Anonymous sounds just the way it should be - a battle cry. As we say in India, Jai Ho! (May victory be yours!!) :-)

A journey called Life said...

Hang, got here from Ramesh's blog.. thanks for linking this up.. when i forst read that google was blocked - i was stunned as to why someone would attempt something so suicidal.. but now i sort of get the picture and also the reaction of those who have been affected.. thanks and lets hope things are better soon..

Hang said...
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Hang said...

@Preeti - Thanks a lot for your support! The 'Declaration' was well written by some unhappy netizen. I enjoyed it. Luckily, the blockage of Google was lifted yesterday evening. What a relief!

@thethoughtfultrain - Thank you so much for the encouragement. Google is back while blogspot is still blocked. Hopefully, it will be lifted soon.

@A journey called Life - I agree with you that blocking google is suicidal. It has affected many people's study, work and even usual life. As I said above, google is back. I hope it will not be blocked again. Thank you for your kind support.

Hang said...

@Ramesh, thank you for introducing friends to this post.

Ira said...

Clearly the blockage has something to do with the controversial Green Dam software which is required by Chinese government to be preinstalled in every PC sold in China from Jul.1 to filter out pornographic information. To justify this mandate, Chinese gov attacked Google for providing links to pornography websites (sadly the claim is mostly true), and by blocking access to Google, Google got punished. That is all.