Friday, June 26, 2009

An era ended

MJ, King of Pop
When the shocking news reached this corner of the world in the morning, I felt really sad. I was not and never expected to get emotional. The polarized image of MJ had been lingering in my head for a long time. But, that did not last any longer. I got overwhelmed by the sadness in the afternoon when I was looking through the news and the reactions of people on the internet. Those photos, music and videos are so evocative of the old days when MJ was singing. I just could not hold back the emotion and it's stirring inside! Words fail me ...

Michael,你依然是那个流行乐之王! 一路走好!


Ramesh said...

Yes indeed - its a sad day. Although he stirred millions , he had an unhappy life and a sudden end like this is sad.

Ira said...

I am a fan of MJ's music and cool dance movement. I love his many songs"Heal the world","Black and white""Beat it"... always amazed at what a music legacy he has left behind.
Even he has passed away, his music will continue to influence musicians for generations.
May he rest in peace in heaven!

Hang said...

MJ is truly the greatest artist in this era. The influence of his music will last forever.

Steven Mon said...

When I think of Michael Jackson, I think of two words--homosexual pedophile.

Maybe with his death the world will forget that aspect about him, but he will always creep me out.

By the way, I'm not even that impressed by his music. The Jackson 5 was fun to listen to, and he did have two brilliant albums with Off the Wall and Thriller, but on the whole he pales in comparison with his contemporary Prince, who is truly a genius.

Hang said...

Steven Mon - As your President Obama said, MJ had a troubled life.

So, MJ could be innocent or guilty at 50-50. Nobody knows. You're entitled to your opinion. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.